• Gabriëlle Hofmann

3 Activist Movies To Watch During Quarantine

As we are all stuck at home now, thinking of stuff to do is one of the main things that keep us busy every day. You might pick up a new hobby, or reconnect with people you haven't talked to in a while. Some of you might finally do that thing you've always wanted to do but never got the time before. Whether you are being very productive or not, as long as you try to stay safe and healthy you're already doing great. Especially regarding everything that is happening right now. These are stressful uncertain times, so we must not forget to try to relax sometimes, perhaps by watching a movie? Or three? That's why we have listed a couple of movies for you to watch at home. Sit back, relax and get inspired.

The hate U Give (2018)

This movie is about a teenage girl who becomes an activist in a movement against police brutality, after witnessing a policemen kill her innocent childhood friend. It addresses how racism is still very much present in our society, and how it plays a part in how it is possible that so many unarmed back people get killed by policemen each year. The movie shows how racism destroys families and lives every day. How things in our society still need change. That just because the situation is better than before, it does not mean it is all going well now. Many families have been torn apart by police brutality and this movie shows us the impact this can have on a community, and also on a girl that is just sixteen years old. It is a movie that will leave you in tears, but they're so well worth it.

Pride (2014)

If you are in the mood for something uplifting, but still very inspiring, this movie will satisfy your appetite. Pride is based on the true story of a gay and lesbian group who went out of their way to support the miners who were showcased very badly in the media. In a time where homophobia was the norm, this group of LGBTI+ activists went against all odds to help the community of miners from a small town in whales. Throughout the movie, we are shown the difficulties of being gay in a society that is not accepting of anything else but heterosexual. But it also shows how pride can mean many different things for many people. For some pride for what they have accomplished and for others simply for who they are. This movie will inspire you in a way that will definitely make you laugh.

Suffragrette (2015)

This movie is about the early feminist movements in the United Kingdom. It tells the stories of a group of women, with diverse backgrounds, who were willing to lose everything in a fight for equality. Because at the time lots of girls were illiterate or not well educated, there were not many suffragette memoirs about the situation regarding these movements So the characters in the movie are based on, for example, testimonies of the women that lived through these events. It is a movie that showcases how different our time is compared to just a couple of years ago. It shows how, when people set their minds to it and work together, change can really happen, even in times that it may seem hopeless. It is a reminder of the people that fought for things that we nowaday see as basic human rights. "Deeds, not words."