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Hi! My name is Robyn Mills and I’m the Chair for the upcoming year. I’m studying Sociology with a minor of Middle Eastern Studies at the UVA. I’m originally British-South African but I’ve moved around to several different countries and I consider myself a citizen of the world. I love nothing more than travelling and discovering new places. Outside of studying and AISA, I enjoy yoga, baking, learning new languages, playing the bass, and urban exploration. This is such an interesting time to be an AISA member as I think human rights activism is more important than ever in our current climate. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to hopefully make a change and raise awareness. I’m hoping to this year make AISA an even more inclusive and welcoming space, and get more students involved in AISA. I want to make sure everybody’s ideas are heard, and you can always reach out to me with your suggestions, ideas and questions.

Hey! I’m Ru, the new Secretary of AISA. I’m currently a third year at Amsterdam University College where I study International Relations. When I’m not studying, I enjoy going to the movies, making art, hiking, and traveling. Like all AISA members, I am extremely passionate about fighting for human rights. I spent a gap year in Mumbai where I volunteered at NGOs devoted to female empowerment and education. I look forward to doing more for in AISA and fighting against injustice everywhere. I’ll also be answering your emails and organizing writing nights, which I hope to see you at.


RU KHan 

Hey! I’m Naz, the new Treasurer of AISA. I’m currently studying research master’s on Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. In my free time I enjoy watching movies, reading books, catching up with friends and travelling. I have always been a person who cares and tries to act for the well-being of others. I spent the summer of 2018 volunteering at an NGO devoted to women’s and youth empowerment. I am excited to work as team in AISA to make a difference in the lives of those who are in need.





Hi everyone! My name is Analu and I’m happy to be this year’s PR Coordinator at AISA. I’m a third year Media student at the Amsterdam University College - so it makes sense that some of the human rights topics I’m most interested in are freedom of speech and data privacy (among many others). I’m also a cooking enthusiast and enjoy drawing/painting so you can expect me to be a strong supporter of any events that involve food and making art ;)




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Amsterdam, Netherlands