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Hey! Hey! We are Lou, Anna, Zuzanna, and Irene, this year’s AISA Board. We believe that there is a place for everyone in the fight for human rights and that every voice deserves to be heard. We are working to offer you through AISA an intersectional diverse networking platform where you can feel that your voice is not only listened to but is being fought for and represented! We welcome anyone that has a drive for human rights and is looking for a deeply empathetic community. Join our cause by emailing us at!




Hello, we are Zineb and Letizia, this year’s Co-Chairs of the Events Committee! Together with our committee members Toyah, Anicca, Justin, Luisa, Alisa and Zoe we hope to make a positive impact in Amsterdam by organising both academic and leisure events to spread awareness and knowledge on Human Rights issues around the world. Examples may include workshops, panel talks, lectures but also documentary nights, pub-quizzes, debates and writing events! We are in contact with many amazing speakers specializing in the topics of refugee integration in Europe, the fight for democratization around the world and equal rights for discriminated minorities, women and people identifying as part of the LGBTQ+ community. We are committed to ensure a positive experience for everyone at our events and are always open to suggestions and feedback, feel free to email us at:




Hey, hey! We are Irene, Janna, May, Victoria, Daphne, Freya, Laura, and Cat, this year’s PR Committee! We believe that the fight for rights needs to be fought not just on the streets, but also on the social media feeds. Thus, we are constantly doing our best to promote the most relevant events and information bits for us all to carry on the best-informed fight we can for human rights! Contact us at for any collaborations.




Hi Hi! We are the fundraiser committee: Oksana Tejchman, Vera Shvets, Marie Voigt, Carlotta Busana, Bori Baráth, and Fabián Campos! We hope that we will be able to create lots of fundraising opportunities this year (most of them hopefully in person)! We can’t wait to work with all the other committees to hopefully make a little bit of a change!


research &



Hey, hey! We are Floria, Elina, and Kim, this year’s Education and Research Committee! We are dedicated to bringing to your attention all the ongoing fights around the world so you can be at your best informed when supporting a cause. With every line we write we hope to broaden the horizons of human rights and to amplify the voices that need our support!





Hi Hi! We are the Community Building Committee: Abdoullah, Alisa, Greta, Neshmeeya, Rohaib, Zuzanna. Every community needs both internal and external support in order to keep the fight going. We are the ones that make sure our organisation doesn't end up in compassion fatigue by organising fun events so our members can bond! Help us to keep the empathy flowing! 

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Amsterdam, Netherlands